To be the preferred hypermarket retailer of consumer goods in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Fully understanding our customer’s needs and working in partnership with our suppliers to provide a Unique Family Entertaining Shopping Experience which will combine the widest variety of Local & Imported Quality Products at Valuable Prices. Provide a one stop shopping experience which generates exceptional benefits for our customers.

History and Heritage


Fifty Five years ago Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Sadhan, a Saudi National,started his professional life working the camel caravans that traveled between North, East, and Center of Saudi Arabia. In 1946 after meeting American oil prospectors and being introduced to canned food products, he believed that Saudis will be using these packaged products soon.

He was however destined to become a pioneer in the retail industry in Saudi Arabia, opening the 1st retail market (supermarket) in the Kingdom which used a cashier and trolley system. Al Sadhan supermarket was awarded the first ever trade license in Riyadh in 1953.

On his passing away, the flag was handed over to the new generation ( his sons) that knows the meaning of obligation and value the sacrifices made to deliver the whole business to their hands for more flourish and advancement,to upgrade the business into new frontiers with a modern market concept, and toput Al Sadhan integration market values into practice through a daily interaction with customers providing them with continued development to serve them in a competitive quality.

Al Sadhan, the number one retailer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a commendable family business for over fifty years. Starting as a super market chain, today we are diversified group with synergies across our business units which include retail, real estate, investment, engineering, construction, maintenance, and education.

Behind this integrated portfolio is an unswerving commitment to our founder’s pioneering spirit and global outlook. We match a wealth of localexperience with adherence to international corporate standards and are always onthe outlook to develop our management and trading capabilities as we embrace animpressive period of expansion.